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Why Vegan Mattresses?

Why Vegan?

Thanks to not using farming during any of the manufacturing process, we are cutting
down the carbon footprint of mattress manufacturing considerably. That means that
with every vegan mattress, we’re helping cut our emissions and further helping our
planet against pollution from farming.

Vegan certified

While we know our calculations are correct, we thought we’d best get them checked
out and approved. The lovely folks at The Vegan Society have given our mattress their
certification, meaning we align with their standards and are a fully vegan product. You
will spot their logo on a wide range of products across all industries.

The Vegan Society created the word Vegan back in 1944 so who better to certify our mattresses.

Clever Low Carbon Fillings

Our mattresses are manufactured using fillings that are made from recycled plastic
helping save recyclable products from landfill.
When this mattress is at the end of its life, we can recycle 100% of the mattress
making it sustainable. Using recyclable products helps to create a circular economy.

Warranty - Vegan 5 year warranty and free recycling,

We know your body changes year by year, the NBF say you should change your mattress every seven years because you change, and because of this you don’t get the best from your mattress. That why when you replace your Vegan Pocket mattress with another one after 7 years, we will recycle the old one for free, our mattresses our 100% recyclable.

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