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They are two main therapy mattresses, Medi Therapy and Sports Therapy, both are superb mattresses for anyone seeking better nights sleep to the health conscious, the main difference is the Medi Therapy features a pocket spring layer as well as the castellated multi-zone unit.

The  Therapy mattresses are all upholstered in soft-knit, BugGuard treated fabric, to repel bed bugs, dust mites, and mosquitos, and have a choice of these comfort layers.

Blu Cool Memory Foam – Contours to your body without retaining excess heat.
Talalay Latex – Optimal support with hypoallergenic properties.
Gel Feel – Regulates mattress temperature for uninterrupted sleep.

Therapy Mattresses

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Swift Sports Gravity Gel Mattress


From £222.00 £370.00
Swift Medi Memory


From £258.00 £430.00