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It might be that a standard size mattress isn't right for you, maybe you're taller and require some additional length,  maybe you need some additional space. On the off chance that you require a special size mattress for any reason our made to order mattresses are the best thing for you!  With our simple product page, you can determine your required length and width, there are so many options to choose from, all the way from 2'6 * 5'6 all the way to 7'0 * 6'9*, pick your size and mattress and afterwards leave the rest to us! 

Not exclusively does our custom size range ensure something for everyone, it's the ideal place to begin in case you're searching for a European bed size or a mattress for an antique bed frame, or on the off chance that you require a mattress for a Truck or Lorry.

All mattresses are manufactured within accepted tolerances.  Whilst every mattress is produced to the required size, a small variance is normal.  These tolerances are typical across the industry and are accepted and understood by the Sleep Council and National Bed Federation. The controlling sizes for all beds or mattresses are normally in metric and imperial sizes are for guidance only and are approximate

Spring counts quoted refer to a 150 x 198cm (King mattress) and all standard sizes are relative. Spring counts may vary on special sizes.

Special Sized Mattresses

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