The NBF and FD Beds are out to Stop rogue Traders

When you buy a new bed, mattress or headboard it goes without saying that you always want to be buying from a reputable seller or beds manufacturer. Of course, quality, endurance and style are at the top of your shopping list, but the modern buyer is presented with so many options that it’s hard to know exactly who to buy from and who can be relied on.


Whether it’s the plethora of online stores, bargain details on voucher websites or door to door salespeople it’s increasingly hard to know who to buy from and who you can trust. As members of the National Bed Federation and being an organisation that values honestly and transparency with all our transactions, we’ve decided to step up the fight against Rogue Traders than are causing health and fire risks in your home.



How often do people in the UK change their Mattress?


The Sleep Council recommend that we change our mattresses every 7 years. This is because older and more worn out mattresses pose risks such as bed bugs and, in some cases, can contain a norovirus and even MRSA. A recent survey by a leading UK furniture retailer of 1,000 adults in the UK indicated that most Brits only change their mattress every 9 years on average.


Now, if you only buy something every 7-9 years then it’s fair to expect that you’re not going to be an expert on mattresses, mattress types and most important mattress safety. This is why FD Beds are an approved member of the NBF – National Bed Federation. All NBF approved mattresses undergo rigorous independent testing and auditing to ensure that they comply with all UK safety regulations, cleanliness of fillings and that trade descriptions match those of our marketing claims. With an NBF approved beds supplier and manufacturer you know that you’re getting what you pay for













What are the risks of Buying an Non-Approved Mattress


Beware the cheap mattress from the touring ‘white van man’


The NBF have reported rogue traders of mattresses touring the UK in white vans offering ‘discounted’ mattresses to unsuspecting buyers. We all love a bargain, right? At FD Beds, in out many years of trading we have never met a customer who would want a mattress that is a fire risk due to not being tested against UK flammability tests, never have we been asked for a mattress containing old springs dirty fillings that pose health risks such as Norovirus as mentioned earlier!

The touring mattress seller is often very convincing when revealing why their mattress are so cheap, they’ll tell you that they’re mattresses are available from cancelled orders, shops that are closing down or from show houses, they are not. In fact, most of these mattresses would scarcely be worth £100 and none will be tested towards the NBFs safety guidelines. If it seems to good to be true, then it often is.

Where can you find a safe, tested and affordable mattress?

Price is important but put the price of your mattress against 7 years’ worth of quality sleep, good health and general safety is priceless in our opinion. FD Beds are one of the most competitively priced bed retailers in Leicestershire and the UK and whilst we’re proud to offer great prices to our loyal customers, their safety and wellbeing us our ultimate value.

At FD Beds we employ a team of experts who will help you get the mattress or bed that is right for your lifestyle, your condition and your comfort. Everybody is individual and that’s why offer such a wide range of bed sizes and styles to suit the needs of any customer no matter their budget.

Keep an eye out for Rogue Traders and if something doesn’t seem right always ask for NBF Approved membership proof. If somebody or some company doesn’t seem quite right, then you can always report your concerns to the National Bed Federation by clicking here or to Citizens Advise Customer Service here.

If you want to discuss anything you’d read or simply want more information on beds, mattresses and more then get in touch with Factory Direct Beds here and we’ll be happy to help.

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