Essential Headboard Guide by FD Beds

The right headboard can add and compliment your bedroom’s décor and help complete your bedroom’s interior feel. Mostly when people come to our bed showroom to discuss headboards they’re unsure which one is right for them. There are so many options of size, fabric and style and when it comes to budget people often don’t know how much they need to spend to get the headboard that they need. That’s why at FD Beds, where we have been supplying headboards to the people of the UK for more than 24 years we have put together the Essential Guide to Headboards to help you to understand the ranges possible from one of the UK’s premier manufacturers and suppliers of headboards.


Why have a headboard in your bedroom?


Some people, we’ve heard say that headboards aren’t necessarily a necessity but hear at FD Beds we’d beg to differ and here is why. A headboard gives support to your bed and protects your wall against damage from your bed frame. Your bed frame will slightly shift positions at times when you toss and turn and this can cause your bed frame to become abrasive to your wall. If a headboard is there then that damage is protected against.  Also if you sleep close to the wall then possibly your hair can smudge the wall. With a headboard your wall can stay unmarked and clean.


regal dame headboard

Sitting Up in Bed – Best to Rest Against a Headboard


Lots of people like to wind down before bed by sitting up and reading a book or magazine or perhaps watching movies on a laptop. Others, like to sit in bed on a Sunday morning perhaps catching up on work admin and email replies or reading the newspapers. To do this comfortably then you need a headboard.

Nobody enjoys breakfast in bed if they’re sat against a hard wall. Sat against a quality headboard and perhaps one of our pillows is a much better solution for your comfort

With a headboard your pillow is more likely to stay in place instead of falling down the gap between your bed and your wall.


A Headboard Can Provide Insulation and Keep you Cosy in Bed


A good night’s sleep can often rely on the temperature in which you’re at whilst sleeping. Of course in the warmer months you want to stay cool but in the winter months you certainly don’t want to wake in the night freezing cold. A headboard will help with insulation against a cold wall and will keep your warmer at night.


Headboards add an Ambience to your Bedroom


A headboard is like a centre piece of any bedroom. When you enter a boutique hotel or a quirky guest bedroom the headboard will be one of the first interior design items that you see. Our Premium Diamante Headboard stands our with diamante instead of buttons and adds style and glamour and the perfect ambience to your bedroom


Our Headboard Collection


Marquis Headboard










Factory Direct Beds offer a range of 4 different types of headboards ranging from the Classic range that should suit everybody to our Premium range for people with a higher budget need.


Different Headboard Colours and Fabrics


All of our headboards come in a range of 4 different fabrics and 27 different colours. At our Leicestershire factory we have carefully curated the fabrics and colours to ensure quality and style. The feedback from our customers in relation to our fabrics range is second to none and why buying from a UK manufacturer of headboards gives you a better experience than buying from a high street chain











With headboards starting from just £129 please see our headboard collection and speak to our friendly in store team should you have any questions