Do you sleep well at night? Does your partner?


Partner disturbance is a common reason people don’t sleep well at night. From snoring and accidental kicking to breathing too close to your face – they are enough to make anyone consider a bigger bed – or a bed of their own! 

Panic not FD have the perfect solution to help resolve your restless nights,  especially if a bigger bed just isn't the option.

Our Helix pocket spring system is very receptive to individual body weight and quickly adapts and adjusts accordingly providing an equal sleeping surface for two people.

With our firmer edge surround, with the 3 coils on the outer edge made to a higher metal gauge compared to the rest of the springs which gives you an edge to edge support but this magical pocket spring also helps reduce partner disturbance and roll-together.

What makes Helix mattresses so great?

If you find yourself sleeping on the edge of the mattress due to kids! the dog! even partner! the Helix spring mattress actually gives you the whole bed with equal support and comfort without feeling like you are going to fall out of bed.

If you struggle to get in or out of bed due to it dipping on the edge where sat again having the firmer edge support is a great addition to have

Notes from Store

FD Beds have all 8 Helix models in store we love them that much, customer feedback is always surprising once they try a Helix mattress how much of a difference it makes having that firmer edge.

I can promise you once you have tried a Helix mattress you wont want anything else